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The interior of your home is more than decorations and furniture. It is a network of systems working together to keep you comfortable and safe! That is why we check all areas possible, testing outlets, faucets, and many other operations throughout the home.

Interior Inspections

What will the Home Inspection cover?

Electrical…We inspect and report on condition of the main and sub panels, wire condition, outlets, switches, fixtures, dangerous wiring, missing covers, home type wiring.

Heating / AC system…We inspect and report on condition of the system for brand, size, type, ductwork, temperature rise or fall. We test for carbon monoxide in the airstream on gas and oil systems and inspect the overall condition of the systems.

Plumbing system…We inspect and report on condition of the water heater condition, we check for  leaks throughout the system, type of pipes, insulation and support, traps, flow, drainage and condition of the overall system.

Kitchen and bathrooms…We inspect and report on condition of the countertops, cabinets, floors, windows, ceilings, fixtures, built in appliances, drainage, flow, leaks, heat / cooling source.

Insulation and ventilation… We inspect and report on condition of type, locations and amount of insulation, type and adequacy of ventilation.

Interior…We inspect and report on condition of the doors, weather-stripping, windows, stairs, railings, evidence of leaks, smoke and carbon monoxide alarms.


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