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At House to Home Inspections we want you to know everything possible about the home you are about to purchase! That's why we start with the outside, and work our way from top to bottom!

The Exterior areas inspected are:

Grounds…We inspect and report on condition of the walkways, driveways, porch, patio, steps, decks, deck covers, grading issues, retaining walls, hose bibs.

Exterior…We inspect and report on condition of the chimneys, gutters, siding, trim, soffits, fascias, flashings, caulking, foundation, electrical service entry, wall construction.

Roof…We inspect and report on condition of the ventilation system, flashings, valleys, condition of roofing material, plumbing vents, skylights.


Structural…We inspect and report on condition of type of construction, condition of materials, modifications made, attic and crawlspace condition.


Garage…We inspect and report on condition of the floor, walls, automatic door openers, sill plates, fire separation walls.


Crawlspace or basement…We inspect and report on condition of the foundation condition, ventilation, plumbing leaks, drainage.

Wood Destroying Organisms…We inspect and report on conditions which favor wood decay, high moisture conditions, poor ventilation conditions, actual wood decay, insect and pests, vapor barriers. 

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